The Compassionate Leadership Academy (CLA) offers a unique learning experience based on 20 years of leadership experience and research.  It challenges existing methods, developing relationships that ultimately lead to well-being, commitment, engagement and performance.



Commitment not Compliance

Rather than forcing compliance, the focus must be on gaining commitment by raising levels of self and team awareness, then aligning personal and organisational values and purpose, leading to more effective relationships.


It is only through inclusion that you can wield the power of diversity, and it is only through inclusion that you can be equitable. Without inclusion first, the other two are mere tokens. There is no equity or fairness if people are excluded. Equity is activated by inclusion. The Compassionate Leadership Academy has inclusion as its prime design influence; invest and develop everyone at every level and let equity and diversity deliver their promises.

Lead to Well-Being

It is not good enough for a company to offer well-being solutions if they are not tackling the root of mental angst in the workplace.  Toxic leadership and toxic culture.   A combined approach treating the source and the symptoms will result in a much heathier, happier engaged work force.

Compassion is Positive Action

We are all compassionate and we all have the ability to act compassionately. CLA teaches self-awareness and practical skills to action within your organisation making a positive difference to your culture and your employees.

Secure the Best FOR All

Compassionate Leadership secures the best for you, your team, your organisation and your stakeholders.  Ensuring that decisions and actions are made with the best outcome for all.

Everyone is a Leader

We believe that leadership comes from influence not hierarchy and to be completely inclusive you must afford everyone the same opportunity to grow. The programme works at all levels of the organisation, from CEO to apprentice.  It challenges the traditional and outdated principles of leadership training and is designed to be inclusive, to bring people together, build relationships and improve communication & trust.  

The CLA Suite

From individuals wishing to enhance their personal growth, to SME's looking for affordable inclusive training and global companies seeking a scaleable leadership programme that delivers tangible results.
A deliberatly affordable, professionally accredited online course, giving you the awareness and practical skills to be a compassionate leader.  Individual and corporate subscription available.  Available in 4 languages.
A powerful interactive learning programme of 13 masterclasses delivered at key stages of the CLA Digital online course.  Giving individuals the chance to come together in a safe and facilitated space to discuss, reflect and share their CLA learning.
CLA Advance gives senior management the flexibility to set up their own learning schedule so they can get up to speed quickly, develop skills confidently and reinforce peer learning, fully supporting the organisation's shift to one of compassionate culture.
CLA Apprentice is delivered over a period of 18 months through the unique online course, with 4 additional  management modules and accompanying masterclasses to achieve Level 5 - Operations & Departmental Manager.
CLA Insights is the behavioural science measurement analysis that runs concurrently with the CLA Digital course that will evidence the growth and capability of your people, and analyse the associated cultural shift.
Kick Off your cultural change programme with a memorable, motivating keynote presentation with Manley Hopkinson.  Events can also be scheduled throughout the programme or at the end for a celebration graduation.

What is Compassionate Leadership?

Who is it for?

How it works.



  • Real Behavioural Change
  • Improved Communication - one language
  • Inclusive & Equitable Learning & Development
  • Collaboration & Improved Decision Making
  • Psychological Safety & Trust
  • Commitment & Engagement
  • Retention of Employees

Personal Development

  • Discover your Authentic Self
  • Increased Emotional Awareness
  • Improved Well-Being
  • Better Relationships
  • Skills Development - add to career portfolio
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Professional Qualification



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