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A crucial element of any culture change initiative is being able to measure the effectiveness of the intervention.  To do this, we have engaged MindAlpha, a specialist in behavioural analysis and diagnositics, to create the Compassion Index.

The Compassion Index

To ensure the effectiveness of their programmes, The Compassionate Leadership Academy has developed CLA Insights, in partnership with the behavioural science and cultural analytics experts MindAlpha.

Specific observable behaviours which characterise the Compassionate Leader are measured and mapped, allowing facilitators, participants and management teams to see exactly where progress is being made, where further support is required and the existing behavioural patterns which are impeding progress.

MindAlpha specialises in organisational diagnostics using a combination of behavioural science and data science to deliver precise analytics which will allow users to measure the impact of a programme and to tailor it for optimal results as it the programme proceeds.

Personal Domain

  • I am Aware - I am conscious of myself, others, and how situations influence our feelings and actions.
  • I am Humble – I acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses and can show vulnerability and admit my errors.
  • I live my Principles – I consistently embody the values I advocate in my actions and words and hold others accountable to our shared values.

Team Domain

  • We are stronger Together – I know that teamwork and collaboration lighten the load for all and bring about better results.
  • I share Generously – I willingly give my knowledge, time, and experience, and I am abundant in gratitude and recognition.
  • I Include everyone – I want the best input from everyone in order to generate the best outcome

Others Domain

  • I Enable others – I provide others with the tools and opportunities to be their best selves and fulfil their aspirations.
  • I Empower others – I inspire others to believe they can reach their potential and achieve their goals.
  • I Support unconditionally – I stand by others in tough times, offer the benefit of the doubt, and forgive sincere mistakes.



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