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We understand that organisations need to evidence their return on investment.  With our partner MindAlpha we have learnt to measure "soft skill" development and the impact of compassionate leadership in your organisation.

Return on Investment

MindAplha' s powerful people analytics platform gives you a set of precision diagnostic tools and solutions to imporove performance and retention through: higher motivation, improved communication and better decision making.  Better data - not more data.

  • Measure the positive impact of CLA Programme
  • Gain a clear understanding of how your team are behaving as a direct result of CLA Programme
  • Focus additional development efforts where it is needed
  • Analyse the wider organisational cultural change
  • Report & recognise cultural changes


  • Identifies employees with high attrition risk
  • Predicts where burnout risk is elevated
  • Highlights areas where potential is underused
  • Shows where a higher error count is likely


  • Spotlights the people who prevent siloes developing
  • Highlights the most effective communication channels
  • Shows up areas where inclusion is failing
  • Identifies knowledge and information repositories


  • Reveals hidden strengths in the organisation
  • Enhances communication and collaboration
  • Demonstrates the impact of group culture on behaviour
  • Identifies behavioural risks which may emerge under pressure



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