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Cultural Change

A culture is how you collectively act on a daily basis.  it informs how you debate, disagree, decide, delegate and deliver.  It is the people acting true to the culture who will, in the end, drive the success of the business.  with a clearly defined culture you create a fast, agile, innovative and effective company.

Learning and development

Before any leader can successfully wield leadership tools, they need to heighten their own awareness, emotional intelligence and understanding. The greatest leadership impact requires a strong degree of empathy, leading to conscious positive action. This in essence is compassion, understanding with positive action. Compassionate Leadership secures the best for all.

  • A culture of effective empowerment
  • Behaviour change you can put into practice & scale
  • Positive understanding & intent
  • A safe space for growth, contribution & challenge
  • A leadership style that achieves more than compliance
All of our programmes are centered around the flagship - professionally accredited CLA Digital online course and are designed to be:
  • Understandable
  • Memorable
  • Useable
For individuals the CLA Digital online course will give you first the mindset and then the practical skills to relate and to lead.  Adding to your own continuous professional development - accredited by The Institute of Leadership, and currently available in 4 languages.

For organisations we provide truly inclusive learning and development programmes.  Believing that leadership is an influence and exists at all levels of the organisation.  Creating a common language, consistent actions and a coherent compassionate culture.
Compassionate Leadership Book

Case Studies

Compassionate Leadership programmes are currently operational in a wide variety of organisations, from SME to large global corporations, charities, schools and healthcare.  We assist the implementation of the programme you chose to ensure it's success, furthermore we can measure the return on your investment.

Personal Development

CLA Digital online course is approved by The Institute of Leadership.  Studying online enables you to complete the course and fit your studies around your additional commitments.  CLA Digital will enhance your career and promotional prospects.  We currently have a variety of individual CLA Digital students who are gaining not only professionally but personally.


Training can be expensive and ineffective.  Our CLA programmes are deliberately priced to be affordable and accessible to the smaller/medium sized companies. Online delivery allows training to be fully inclusive regardless of location.  Using the experience of previous clients we will guide you in the process of setting up in-house learning groups to fully benefit from the modules in the online course and implement succesful strategies in your organisation.


The CLA programmes are designed to be delivered at scale and can be integrated into your existing LMS so accessabilty is easy.  Some clients choose to enrol cohorts creating ambassadors for the programme.  CLA programmes create ledership at every level in your organisation, empowering the critical management layer and offering leadership opportunity to all.  Furthermore we offer diagnostic performance related analysis measuring the positive cultural change.

Global - Multi Lingual

In 2022 CLA Digital was translated into 3 European languages for a global company who wanted to create "one team".  Using the same "language" to create a global positive culture.  The online access makes learning a possibilty regardless of time zone or location.

Employee Benefit & Well-Being

To lead a team you must first understand your self.  Part 1 of the CLA Digital online course helps particpants develop a strong sense of self-worth, leading to an improvement in individual health & well-being.  Overcoming toxic work cultures with compassionate leadership leads to organisational well-being.


CLA Apprentice - Level 5 Operations & Departmental Management.  Apprenticeships benefit employers and individuals, by boosting the skills and motivation of the workforce.  Use the Apprenticeship Levy for cost effective learning & development.  Or gift the levy to support a smaller organisation/charity.  



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