The 4 Quotients of Personal Growth

We are defined within four realms, each providing opportunity for growth, that when all are well and balanced gives us a deep sense of self-worth and well-being. We can only truly shine with the conscious development of all four quadrants though some offer greater scope for development than others.

I do not believe that a true compassionate leader can neglect any of the 4, though, clearly as you will see, the CLA programme itself can really only assist in 3 of the 4. The four quadrants are the Intellectual, the Emotional, the Spiritual and the Physical.

We hear and know more about our IQ, our Intellectual Quotient, than any other aspect of our potential, though, we are also informed that there is little scope for major improvements on our base level of IQ - you’re IQ is pretty much fixed! Yes we can “train our brain” but it is not here that we can make big leaps in our ability to inspire, influence and perform. There is limited potential for growth in this quotient - it is what to is! Sadly, it is also the one quotient that is most measured and referenced, but it is within the other 3 areas that we have the greatest potential for growth and well-being.

Much is written and said about the need to be emotionally intelligent. It is the foundation for positive relationships and most certainly for compassionate leadership. You cannot effectively apply the tools of leadership if your EI or EQ is low. It is through development of our Emotional Quotient (EQ) that a compassionate leader can truly transform their world and the world of the people they touch. As we grow our consciousness of self and other so our ability to understand and work with emotions positively grows too. This is the key quadrant of growth and the beginning of becoming a leader, a compassionate leader.

We are actively aware of both IQ and EQ but can easily neglect the other 2, the spiritual quotient and the physical quotient. We spend less time attending our spiritual needs than we ought. Spirituality is not necessarily tied to religion, rather it is about developing a greater awareness of our reason for being, our purpose or life’s mission and attending to our deeper needs. The spiritual quotient is the well of self-worth and the source of commitment, resilience and contentment. We need to make space to grow our Spiritual Quotient in order to improve our “presence” and “mindfulness”, to be more grounded and authentic. A compassionate leader will have a particularly high SQ.

And the final quotient is the Physical (PQ)- we don’t all need to be marathon runners and gymnasts but there is much truth in the old adage of “healthy body, healthy mind”. There is a direct link with one affecting the other; a body in balance and form creates a positive mindset, and a positive mindset enables a healthy body - a spiral of virtuous vitality. The benefits of exercise and fitness are extraordinary and far too many to list here - we all know them! Yet, it is our PQ that tends to be the first and most compromised. If we are to be at our best and to secure the best for all then we owe it to ourselves and those we serve to ensure that our body, our heart and our mind are all fit and able. Directly, this programme cannot influence this quotient, but indirectly, through our rising sense of self-worth and an increased joy of the journey of life, all of us can improve our physical quotient some.

Maybe we should run a parallel fitness programme with this course? Let me know if you would like one? But let’s make sure that we attend to the whole being - the intellectual, the emotional, the spiritual and the physical.


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